6 Best Camping Bivy Sacks for Backpacking Trip

/6 Best Camping Bivy Sacks for Backpacking Trip

6 Best Camping Bivy Sacks for Backpacking Trip

Light traveling, camping or backpacking surely has several perks. The convenience and portability is perhaps on top of the list. The use of bivy sacks definitely fits the bill as it can be carried around easily and without any hassles and stress wherever you go. Most importantly, your safety and security is guaranteed as it can protect you reliably from all external and environmental factors such as weather conditions, which could rather be unpredictable and a troublesome when outdoors. To provide you the best experience, these are the 6 best camping bivy sacks for backpacking trip to gear you up for your next travel.

Outdoor Research Alpine Bivy

Outdoor Research Alpine Bivy

With its highly durable 3-layer Gore-tex Respiration fabric, your safety and security is ensured whether you are caught tackling any difficult weather conditions as it allows the moist air inside to discharge but in the process making sure that outside weather is blocked, hence decreasing condensation. The hydroseal coated waterproof nylon floor and fully taped high quality seams increases its stability and resilience to keep you protected while being wrapped inside. And if you are worried about airflow, a zippered vent at the base is designed to keep you ventilated during humid nights.

Outdoor Research Alpine Bivy also features single overhead shock corded Delrin pole, netting covers and zipper with wide storm flap for easy opening and closing. Thicker mats are designed to fit comfortably and it comes with an internal mesh pocket to keep valuables and essentials in handy.

MSR AC Bivy Sleeping Bags

Advertised as the most breathable bivy, this MSR AC Bivy Sleeping Bags are made of laminated nylon and a waterproof breathable top so you will not feel constricted inside. Aside from that, its zippered mesh panel will provide you maximum bug-free ventilation for a more comfortable and better experience. It uses taped seams for increased durability and security when used.

Weighing only 0.42 kg, it is lightweight and can be compressed really well, hence easy to carry wherever you go especially when going up a high and steep mountain, yet at the same time provide you enough space that will keep you from feeling very restricted when used. When packing, it can be compacted to a very small sack to bring that measure only about 20cm by 10cm.

Black Diamond Big Wall Bivy

Built with a Toddtex single- wall fabric and durable taped seams, this bivy sack is waterproof and has optimal breathability feature that helps reduce condensation. These taped seams are specifically useful in keeping water to sneak in through the fabric joints and layers. It has a dual zipper feature that ensures hassle-free access of going in and out of this bivy.

Having adequate ventilation is highly essential with these kinds of sleeping bags. Black Diamond Big Wall Bivy makes sure you will be provided with sufficient air flow as it made with mesh panel and sewn-in flexible wires that create air space above your head and help reduce condensation build up. And in order to withstand windy weather condition, external loops can be found to give your bivy the secure anchoring and keep you safe and protected the entire time.

Salewa Rescue Bivi

Many campers, trekkers and backpackers has resorted to bivy sleeping bags because of its convenience and hassle-free use without sacrificing on the safety and security while being out in the cold, heat and other weather conditions. Getting through the cold and rainy night can be doubly difficult. Salewa Rescue Bivi makes sure you will be protected with its waterproof, heat reflecting Sympatex Reflection material that is made to be more durable and sturdy with its fully welded seams. It reflects approximately 90% of the body heat permanently, thus providing you with superior support and maximum protection.

With a total dimension of 80.7 x 32.3 x 19.3 inches when expanded, it is highly portable as it can be compressed to a rather small sack, which makes it very easy to store in your backpack as you gear for a whole new adventure. And it is breathable for a comfortable and stress-free experience.

Woodland Camouflage Waterproof Bivy Cover

100% waterproof and windproof and designed to cover the Patrol and Intermediate Cold Weather sleeping bags, Woodland Camouflage Bivy Cover is made of Gore-tex material, which is moisture and vapor penetrable to help reduce condensation. And for improved security and protection, seams are fully heat-sealed. It is proven to work effectively in all weather conditions, as it gives you safe shelter during rains, sunny and windy environments. It provides great airflow and breathable feature as well so you will be completely safe inside.

Measuring only about 3 pounds, it can go all huge as 81-83” long, 34 -36”wide (top), 27-29” wide (foot)when stretched, but can be folded and shrink to as small as 15” long and 4” diameter or 12” long by 5” diameter. Either way, it is very portable and convenient to carry with you wherever you go.

Storm Spartan Bivi

This single person bivy offers a high quality level of safety and durability, which is ideal to bring in your trekking, camping and hiking adventures and other travels as well. It is made of a breathable 70D Hyperlite Storm fabric to provide you with increased protection and ease of use regardless of any weather factors. Furthermore, it also features an end zipped entrance and a small mesh panel for added ventilation.

As it is portable and easy to pack, this lightweight Storm Spartan Bivi can be compressed down to only about 13cm x 25 cm. But even with this light and compact size, don’t underestimate as it can shield you well from rains, wet grounds and morning dew and ensures you will have a sound and comfortable sleep at night.

Conclusion: While using a tent could provide you ample of space to perhaps toss and turn when sleeping, some campers and trekkers may opt to use a bivy sack for a number of reasons. It is lightweight and portable, thus allowing them convenience of use and ease of carrying it wherever they go. Compacted into small sizes, it is very easy to store in their backpacks without adding so much weight on their carryall. And though it does not have the frames and poles of a tent, it can effectively provide you the safety and security while being outdoors.


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