7 Best Hiking Tents of 2017 Reviews

/7 Best Hiking Tents of 2017 Reviews

7 Best Hiking Tents of 2017 Reviews

When planning for hiking or camping trips, making sure you have a durable, comfortable and safe dwelling place come rain or shine should be your utmost priority. While some regular tents can provide you a protective roof to keep you safe and not get wet, it may not be able to hold up sturdily to any heavy duty conditions. Hence, it is essential to find only the best and most reliable hiking tent. From the long list of options available, these 7 best hiking tents of 2017stood out from the rest.

1. Alps Mountaineering Taurus 2-Person Tent

Alps Mountaineering Taurus

Safe and reliable, this 2-person size tent offers maximum protection and convenience of use. With its free standing design, it is built with 2 doors and 2 vestibules with corded shock fiberglass poles on each side of the tent for easy entry. These two doors come with a mesh window and additional vents on the fly to ensure proper and adequate flow of ventilation while getting cozy inside the tent. And to keep it tightly secure but easy to maneuver, Alps Mountaineering Taurus Tent comes with an extra-large #8 zippers, which makes your every entry and exit easy breezy and hassle-free.

To combat unpredictable weather, its factory sealed weatherproof fly can be extended over doors to create a secure shelter to keep you safe from any weather conditions. Its other features include mesh storage pockets, gear loft, 8-inch steel stakes, and guy ropes.

2. Geertop 1-Person 3-Season 20D Ultra-light Backpacking Tent

Made of premium quality material and 100% waterproof zippers, this Geertop Ultra-light Backpacking Tent for camping and hiking is made of 20D silicon coated nylon finish for a durable and dependable performance. With the flysheet weighing only about 790g and inner tent approximately 410g (0.9 lbs), it is portable and lightweight, hence ideal to use when trekking, climbing, hiking, or backpacking.

For increased functionality and versatility, the flysheet and the inner tent can be used independently, thus giving you the options of using one or the other or both together. Either way, you can be sure that you will be safe and protected nevertheless. The 2 doors and 2 ventilation windows will provide optimum air circulation for increased comfort while inside the tent.

3. MaxMiles 1 2 Person Premium Backpacking Tent

MaxMiles Premium Backpacking Tent can fit one to two adults can be folded down to an extremely compact size that can almost fit into a backpack for maximizing space and increased portability, leaving you ample of usable storage space for other stuffs and essentials. This lightweight backpacking and hiking tent is made of the same material used when making parachutes, hence strong and portable to carry with you in your backpack. The high quality and sturdy 20D silicon-coated Rip Stop Nylon Taffeta ensures durability and flexibility of use in any weather condition.

It is designed with strengthened aluminum poles and a 10x premium 8” aluminum stakes for a reliable leverage. Inside the tent is a lantern hook and a huge storage pockets for maximizing space. In a matter of 3 to 5 minutes, you will be able to put it up without the use of guide ropes, strakes, or rainproof cover.

4. WEANAS Professional Backpacking Tent

This multi-functional outdoor camping tent is easy to set up and can fit up to 4 persons inside. Its classic interior design allows it to have two doors, which can be opened both from the outside and inside. When outer layer is closed, then it can be used as a storage space for your shoes and backpack.

WEANAS Professional tent is weather resistant as it is durably made of waterproof fabric, which by professional water testing can withstand over 4000mm of waterproof index. It comes with a strong and sturdy skeleton with tent nails to keep it secure and it is certified SPF proof using special UV coating to protect its users from the harmful effects of direct sunlight. And its breathable nylon overlay ensures sufficient flow of ventilation.

5. GEERTOP 2-Person 4-Season Backpacking Tent

An excellent use for all four seasons, this GEERTOP 2-Person Tent features a built-in snow skirt to keep you safe and cozy during cold and snowy weather. The mesh material on the inner tent on the other hand enhances the airflow system, which is reliable for camping and hiking on warmer weather. It comes with a two-sided zipper that allows you to open the doors in any side.

Made with premium quality materials, it is designed with waterproof double stitched seams and strong aluminum poles to provide adequate stability. Yet, inspite of this, it is considerably lightweight and portable hence perfect to carry wherever your restless feet takes you regardless of what season and weather forecast.

6. Kelty Salida, 2 People

Kelty Salida camping and backpacking tent is free standing and is easy to use and set up. It is very lightweight that it can be rolled easily on your backpack without feeling so much weight gained from carrying a fully seamed and strong 2-person tent. Its backpack-friendly poles are compact and foldable. And it comes equipped with fabric and high mesh walls for increased security and protection when used during all three seasons.

The internal storage pockets are a great addition for maximizing space and add to your convenience of use. Its other notable elements include easy entry D door, Kelty hug clip and color coded user-friendly clip and fly attachment.

7. ALPS Mountaineering Zephyr, 1 Person Tent

With its walls made entirely of mesh, optimum ventilation and sufficient airflow and fresh air are provided. Lightweight but equipped with high quality features, this free standing tent comes with a two alloy aluminum poles and factory sealed fly and floor seam for weather protection and durable construction.

The Zephyr hiking and backpacking tent’s unique design allows you enough head room to sit up without feeling confined and restricted. And at the same time, the door design allows easy entry and exit to and from the tent. A vestibule over the door can be found to provide convenience and storage of your other stuffs and gears.

Conclusion: Camping and hiking has never been more convenient and worthwhile with the use of these hiking tents and gears to ensure your safety, protection and ease of use so you can enjoy your trip without thinking of any possible hassles and stress. And the best part is, as huge as its functionality and size when expanded is, you will not be carrying a heavy load as you trek and hike through mountaintops or hills. You will not be left worrying about having a durable and well ventilated shelter when caught with heavy rains and winds as these hiking tents got your covered and secured.


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