Everything You Need to Know About Padel Tennis

Everything You Need to Know About Padel Tennis

There are several essentials that you need to know about padel tennis. Read on to learn about the rules, the scoring system, the ball placement, and speed. You will also learn the basic techniques of playing padel tennis. You will not get injured playing this game! Listed below are some of the most important rules of padel tennis. They will help you enjoy the game even more!


Players must respect the padel tennis rules. It must stop when the ball hits a wall, fence, or net. They cannot hit the ball more than twice in a row. A point is also lost if the ball hits another player’s body or clothing. A double fault is committed if the ball is accidentally hit into a teammate’s court. Generally, players must keep their feet on the court when hitting the ball.

Scoring system:

As with tennis, padel follows a scoring system similar to that of the sport. The match comprises three sets, and each set consists of six games. When a team scores 40 points or less, they are awarded a golden point. In addition, if the sum of games falls odd, the side will change. The first game of each set does not change the field. There are also several rules for the scoring system in padel.

Ball placement:

One of the biggest mistakes that players make in padel is ball placement. This mistake can result in a bad performance on the court and make players feel out of place. Here are some ways to improve ball placement in padel. You can start by taking more steps toward the ball. You should then use fewer steps in the later stages of your padel tennis career. Ideally, you want to stand close to the net, but don’t get too close.

Ball speed:

Padel tennis plays a lot as tennis does. Both sports are played with rackets and involve hitting a ball over a net. However, padel has a few important differences. The court is smaller and has walls. Padel players must hit the ball at a slower speed and must serve it underarm. The ball must bounce twice before landing on the net in padel, making it a more difficult game to play.