What Are the Causes of Bipolar Disorder?

What Are the Causes of Bipolar Disorder?

The causes of bipolar disorder are varied, but four main factors appear to be connected to its development. These are genetics, environment, stress, and depression. Let’s explore them to understand the symptoms of the condition. Ultimately, only a doctor can decide if a patient is at risk for bipolar disorder. The next step is determining which medications are appropriate. The doctors usually prescribe lithium to control mood swings. If you are experiencing this condition, you should visit the best psychiatrist in Dubai.


Researchers have discovered that bipolar disorder has a strong genetic component, but they are having difficulty finding the genes responsible. A new approach to genetics has helped scientists identify the gene that appears to contribute to this disorder. The researchers have now published their findings in Nature Genetics. They hope to use this information to develop treatments. These new findings may even lead to a cure for bipolar disorder if successful. But what is this new research all about?

In this study, scientists examined 64 regions of the genome that may contribute to bipolar disorder. These regions influence the communication of brain cells and calcium signaling. In addition, factors such as sleep patterns and substance use may affect the risk of developing bipolar disorder. There are several subtypes of bipolar disorder, which share significant genetic similarities with other psychiatric disorders. The genetics of bipolar disorder are also similar in identical twins, but the relationship between the two subtypes is less apparent.


Environmental factors have varying impacts on the severity and onset of bipolar disorder. Researchers have suggested that positive life events trigger mania, and negative life events trigger depression. Life events that trigger mania are more likely to be interpersonal difficulties, financial crises, and work-related problems. Unemployment at the time of onset is also a risk factor for relapse. While social status and childhood abuse are not known to influence the course of the disease, they seem to impact.


People who have bipolar disorder may have trouble determining whether stress is a cause of their illness. Some researchers believe that stress may have contributed to the onset of the disorder. However, there is no direct evidence to support this statement. Although stress is not the only factor, it may be the primary cause of the bipolar disorder. Proper management of stress can reduce the risk of relapse.